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Saas Founder

(Mid Market, Amsterdam)

SaaS Industry helped us with a comprehensive industry bench marketing report for our unique Fintech startup

Saas Sales Leader

(Enterprise, US)

The community at SaaS Industry has been more than helpful in the COVID19 situation, they helped us connect with potential enterprise opportunities.

Saas Founder

(SME, India)

Saas Industry insights were quite helpful for us to choose few remote working tools and adapt some best practices.

SaaS COVID Resources

Access COVID Resources

In less than 60 days, the world has changed because of the widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. It’s having a significant impact on the SaaS Industry. We’re all trying to navigate our way in an unexplored sea of uncertainty – and it poses to be a challenge, both personally and professionally for SaaS founders. We hope you these resources SaaS leaders are offering could prove to be a substantial relief in this season.


Courage and adaptability can be the game changers this season. We came across companies that have gone the extra mile to help the SaaS Industry by offering deals and discounts that only prove their commitment towards the community. We are grateful and indebted to you all.


Remote is now the new normal in the face of this adversity. Setting up teams that need to be productive while being remote requires an excellent infrastructure, some of the tools listed can help you make the transition better.


Pricing, revenue, and churn can be constant topics that resurface, and these tools can help you lower your cost considerably so that you can focus on getting to being cash-flow positive.


It’s time we all get creative and smart, but more than that, it’s time we came together to stand firm and win together because we are in it together!

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