We believe SaaS Industry Leaders are transforming the world.

From SaaS Industry leaders, founders and partner, the SaaS Industry hold the keys to the greatest technology disruptions of our time. They see scale and visualize possibilities. They are adventurous bunch. And they connect a lot of dots. At SaaSIndustry we help grow their SaaS business into a transformation movement for the world.

We believe in positive disruption driven by community

Any disruptive technology when dissected has a web of people, teams and partners working together to make it a reality. By fostering this trans-collaboration, SaaSIndustry creates an environment for innovative, creative and transformational relationships

We believe in consistent first-principles learning

There is much at flux, right now, the world is reeling through COVID-19, fast forward something else might disrupt the economy at large, that means businesses need to learn how to adapt, grow and disrupt through situations, being relevant is the key coupled with strong foundational principles

We believe in sharing and staying committed

The whole point of initiating something like for the SaaS Industry leaders in this during the COVID crisis stems out of the whole idea that we need each other, we believe in not holding but grow together, the world is desperately in need of solutions and sharing and staying committed can help us serve better.

How it all started...

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading at an extraordinary speed. This is a serious crisis, my team and me at Growthfluence (Account-based marketing consulting firm for SaaS companies) have witnessed how things have drastically changed in the industry. We lost clients who lost clients, there is a spiraling effect. I bought this domain sometime back to launch it as an event and online magazine platform for SaaS industry leaders, but these plans were to set in motion later in 2022.

What changed and why it changed? In this pandemic and with me in isolation, I saw scores of SaaS companies producing some brilliant content (webinars, summits, and eBooks). And many SaaS companies are offering interim help to other SaaS companies (Truly grateful to you all). However there were three challenges:

First: Trust and authority, there is so much of ideas floating around but on observing Reddit threads and the questions SaaS founders and leaders are asking is seriously hard-hitting. Many are looking for answers – How to setup my remote team? What do I do about heavy revenue loss? How do I grow in this season? Should I lay-off my team? When will this pandemic end? Should I decrease my pricing structure? How do I handle my client’s extreme demands and the list goes on.

Secondly this content and good will is not getting indexed anywhere, for someone to check and access it later (expect to search specifically for it)

Thirdly there was very less forums available to foster straightforward discussions that resulted in honest answers.

This platform is a response for these challenges but greater still for the biggest challenge – economic fallout, according to the Coronavirus Impact Index by Industry analysis, Andrew Bartels, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, published his latest forecast of tech growth today in the post, The Odds of a Tech Market Decline In 2020 Have Just Gone Up To 50%. This is just grim, we would want to make it possible to help the SaaS industry leaders improve these numbers drastically. We believe we can do this if we are in this together – collaborative and disruptive in our thinking and the way we approach the market and economy. Let’s join hands.

- Joseph Abraham, Founder - SaaS Industry

SaaS Industry Leader