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At SaaS Industry, we know that amazing things happen when people talk and connect with each other. It’s how we learn new skills, hear different perspectives, receive support from others, grow as people, and feel like we belong.

This is why we are building the SaaS Industry community

This SaaS community is a place where you can:

Meet awesome people

Meet other founders and leaders building awesome products and find out how they’re building and connecting with customers despite all odds.

Access awesome resources

Access a knowledge-base of resources (webinars, podcasts and masterclasses) to scale growth and help you stay in the loop of SaaS news and trends.

Get Support

Growing and leading a SaaS business is not easy, this community is about the philosophy - We are in it together. We also support 1:1 coaching

Get discounted tools

Get awesome monthly deals on products and save your precious budgeted dollars and use it where it is most needed

The SaaS Industry Community is an amazing group of supportive, positive, and smart Saas founders and leaders from over 12 countries (presently) around the world, who have practical insights on growing and building SaaS companies from ground-up grasping the idea of growth. They learned and led varied dimensions including – sales, marketing, revenue, finance, people, operations, regulations and most importantly technology. This community is mutual and symbiotic – we all learn from each other. We have two options for you to join.

SaaS Pro

Get the assistance you need to launch and grow your SaaS business. Connect with other founders and leaders. Build recurring revenue faster. This community is FREE and on slack.

What you get:

+ SaaS templates
+ Community of like-minded people
+ Tools (special discount)
+ Invite to events (special discount)
+ Access to our generic research

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SaaS Grow

Scale faster with strong breakthroughs, network, expert help and a close community. This community is all about growing together. It's an invite only community.

Unlock your benefits:

+ Everything in SaaS pro +
+ Mastermind sessions by SaaS leaders
+ Access to weekly Webinars by domain experts
+ Access to strategy sessions by SaaS leaders
+ 1:1 expert help (1 coaching call with an expert/month)
+ Special discount to our research services and publication

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We are offering our community membership at no cost till August 31st 2020 (to support you during this COVID19 pandemic)

SaaS industry community

You're in Good Company

Our community has founders and leaders from SaaS companies across a range of verticals, from Martech, to Legaltech to HRTech, to RegTech to FinTech across marketing, sales, revenue, technology, operations, customer success, people functions across 12 counties and 4 continents 🚀

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Here are ways you can involve in the community

Get advice from others during our SaaSgrow sessions

It's a great way to gain insights from leaders who have been in the trenches themselves. Members gather to swap ideas and strategies, ask each other questions, share their challenges, and gather advice, and you never know what you’re going to learn!

Grow as a community leader in the Community Host program

Our Community Hosts are a team of active, committed SaaS community leaders who infuse energy, share knowledge and offer support in our community. It’s an opportunity to make a tangible impact, learn a lot about online community building, and be part of this special group of leaders. We open up applications every quarter, and any member is welcome to apply.

Get the inside scoop about the SaaS Industry and know where it is headed

You’ll have the chance to chat with the founders and leaders, learn how fellow community members incorporate SaaS strategies, and get sneak peeks of their upcoming features. Enjoy discounts and grow faster and smarter.

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Saas Founder

(Mid Market, Amsterdam)

SaaS Industry helped us with a comprehensive industry bench marketing report for our unique Fintech startup

Saas Sales Leader

(Enterprise, US)

The community at SaaS Industry has been more than helpful in the COVID19 situation, they helped us connect with potential enterprise opportunities.

Saas Founder

(SME, India)

Saas Industry insights were quite helpful for us to choose few remote working tools and adapt some best practices.

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