Thanks 🙏 to these SaaS ☁️ companies offering COVID 19 SaaS Tools, we can now fight COVID-19 😷 together.

Build you SaaS companies with these amazing deals. Some deals apply only for NGOs and not for profit companies. COVID 19 SaaS Tools and Resources is a carefully curated list to help you stay resilient and grow in this season

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367 SaaS Companies 🤗 | Updated May 19th 2020

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We rely on a combination of lists that have been created by SaaS companies and shared publicly on various forums. If you know of a good-will passed by a SaaS company, let us know at

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We want to help! We are in this together. This list been used by several SaaS companies across the US and has already facilitated sign-ups.

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We are this together!

COVID 19 SaaS toolsIn this phase, where the COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost every city in the world, SaaS companies are hit and caught off-guard and reeling with many questions – with little or no answers, but collectively we might? We at SaaS Industry have decided to help the SaaS community with this COVID 19 SaaS tools list, to try and provide the SaaS world with a list of resources that we have been able to find over the internet to help you build momentum.

The COVID 19 outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down at the time of publishing this regularly updated list. Over 177 countries have reported active cases of COVID-19, known to be caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). More than 3.4 M people across the world have contracted it and over 275K lost their lives to it as of May 9th, 2020 Governments across the globe are taking extreme measures to try and contain its spread and the consequent ramifications.

The most significant impact is on the economy, which is all set to spiral downwards predicated towards one of the worst recessions. Businesses of all types, including SaaS, may also be affected. But together we can with resilience battle this out! We are in this together.