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SaaS Industry Research helps SaaS companies and leaders design studies, find respondents, field the surveys and generate smart reports.

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Each year, we at SaaS Industry research have worked with over 20 SaaS companies to help them research and study market, specifically – market profiling, purchase process discovery, journey mapping, attitudes and expectations study, customer retention, case study generation, new product analysis, usage surveys, NPS and pricing surveys.

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  • Fintech
  • HR Tech
  • Martech
  • Salestech

You're in Good Company

We’ve worked with SaaS companies across a range of verticals to benchmark with our SaaS industry research benchmark tools. From Martech, to Legaltech to HRTech, to RegTech to FinTech helping them with unique surveys that helped them improve product development, marketing and sales.

Tangible insights for your SaaS business

Design and programming

+ Survey methodology
+ Survey design
+ Survey Tool setup
+ Programming
+ Translations

Sample and Fielding

+ Panel/sample recruitment
+ Project Management
+ List distribution
+ Incentive distribution
+ Focus Groups
+ Computer Moderation

Analysis and Reports

+ Regression Analysis
+ Segmentation Analysis
+ Pricing Analysis
+ Key Driver Analysis
+ Perceptual Mapping
+ Reporting

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Survey distribution and data collection

Our experts help set up and distribute online surveys, plus we can also print and dispatch postal surveys (not available presently owing to COVID19). We’ll then collect your online responses, manually enter or scan paper surveys, and collate responses from multi-mode projects.

Online Surveys

We can set up an online survey including bot type surveys, host it, and send out email invitations with targeted reminders to your respondents.

Multi-mode surveys

The Data Collection team can accurately key in or scan paper survey responses, All responses are collated into a CSV format, ready to be analysed.

Interviewer led surveys

We work with SaaS companies to set up surveys for telephone interviewing, or set up surveys using partner network for interviewing people in the field.

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Your data is safe with us

Everything we do at SaaS Industry is compliant. We also ensure that our work is always carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Let's work together

You can expect a high level of confidentiality and service from the team here at SaaS Industry. We’re happy to work in the background so you can deliver the right survey tools and results for your customers, or work as a partner to produce a custom feedback solution.

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Saas Founder

(Mid Market, Amsterdam)

SaaS Industry helped us with a comprehensive industry bench marketing report for our unique Fintech startup

Saas Sales Leader

(Enterprise, US)

The community at SaaS Industry has been more than helpful in the COVID19 situation, they helped us connect with potential enterprise opportunities.

Saas Founder

(SME, India)

Saas Industry insights were quite helpful for us to choose few remote working tools and adapt some best practices.

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